The Zeta Story

The Zeta Story began when the company was formed in 1989 as post University start up out of Oxford Brookes, focusing on high end intelligent electronics for the automotive market. Zeta was the market leader in special purpose vehicle controls by 2000 and chose to diversify into the solar powered LED lighting markets.

Part of the Zeta Group, Zeta Specialist Lighting is a UK-based developer and manufacturer of LED and solar powered lighting systems. The company designs, develops and manufactures intelligent, robust and reliable engineered products suited to a wide range of applications. From LED solutions that lower energy bills and carbon emissions for customers across the world, including custom luminaires for street lighting, amenity lighting, signage and LED commercial lighting solutions; to the design and manufacture of complete solar lighting solutions.

Zeta Specialist Lighting has earned an excellent reputation for high quality, innovative products and has been awarded several awards for research and technology; no less than 5 DTI SMART Awards recognise the innovation that lies central to its success, along with a number of business and individual product awards.

A Unique Culture

It’s the people that shape the culture at Zeta. We employ people that are talented and determined and that embrace Zeta’s set of values, goals and commitments.

Our organisational culture supports a positive, productive environment through honesty, communication and teamwork. We encourage the sharing of ideas and opinions and we are proud of the ease in which we establish good rapport with those both inside and outside the business.

We believe that having an environment where people enjoy and value their work is crucial to our success, and that a happy, motivated workforce ultimately leads to happy customers!

30 Years of Innovation
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