Transport for London Cycle Hire Scheme – London

Zeta LGP’s guide the way for London cyclists.

Wasabi Restaurants – London

LED lighting shop fit-out for London stores.

Magdalen College – Oxford

Zeta enhance college footpath with wayfinding bollards.

LED Road Signs – London

Zeta design LED Road signs for the city of London and Camden in Greater London.

Westminster City Council – London

Solar powered belisha beacons in Westminster.

Roberts Newby Estate Agents – Buckingham

Shop front advertising illuminated with Zeta Light Guide Panels.

Papa John’s – Bedfordshire and London

Zeta LED enhance promotional material and menus within Papa John’s store window.

Zeta Zd 2D replacement LED luminaire ‘Recommended’ review by LUX Magazine

Zeta is proud to report a glowing recommendation for its newly launched Zeta Zd 2D replacement LED luminaire by LUX Magazine.

Awards success for lighting company

Zeta Solar presented with an award from the British Astronomical Association’s Campaign for Dark Skies.

Transport for London – Finsbury Park

Zeta designs bespoke signage lighting solution for Transport for London.