Garth Park – Bicester

Garth Park – Bicester
Following a public consultation, Bicester Town Council commissioned the construction of a brand new café named Savoir Fare and the development of new public conveniences in the town’s Garth Park. Both the octagonal-shaped café, designed to reflect the style of the band stand and the turret on Garth House roof, and the new toilet facilities, utilise solar and LED and energy-efficient lighting supplied by Zeta Specialist Lighting.
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The Challenge

Bicester Town Council conducted a competitive tender process, inviting a number of companies to put forward a proposal. “The proposal from Milton Keynes-based New Factory for a timber-framed octagonal-shaped café caught everyone’s eye,” explained Councillor Richard Mould, Chairman of the Policy Committee, Bicester Town Council.

The brief included a requirement to make the new facilities as green as possible. Zeta Specialist Lighting has previously worked with the Council, upgrading the legacy lighting in Garth House with energy-efficient LED solutions.

“Zeta is a great local success story, and as we had already enjoyed the benefits of their energy-saving, sustainable technology, we saw them as a perfect fit to partner with New Factory and supply all of the external and internal lighting for the new development,” Councillor Mould added.

The Solution

Following a comprehensive site survey, Zeta recommended its lightweight, waterproof LED 96 Arrays, powered by Zeta’s Solar Lighting Kit to provide illumination in external areas. This very latest solar-powered LED technology is equipped with PIR sensors which gently increase the light levels when a person enters the area, and return to maintain a constant lower level of illumination when no-one is in the vicinity.

Lighting inside the café includes nineteen Zeta LED linear lights, an eco-efficient, powerful alternative to energy-hungry fluorescent lamps. Displayed in a two-ring formation, sixteen of the lights were made to a bespoke design with connectors to mirror the shape of the building. Within the serving areas, Zeta provided Teardrop LED Lamps, which use only 6W of power (equivalent to 40W) and have an average rated life of 20,000 hours. Aesthetically pleasing, the Teardrop Bulbs reduce energy bills and deliver superior illumination.

The new toilet facilities are illuminated with the energy-efficient Zeta ZD LED Bulkhead, a sustainable, higher efficiency, longer lamp life replacement for traditional fluorescent 2D light fittings.

Key Benefits

The building boasts a number of eco-friendly features; its roof is covered with ‘slates’ made from recycled car tyres, upgraded 130mm insulation reduces heat loss, rain water is captured to provide some of the water supplies for the toilets, and heat generated by kitchen equipment is redistributed to keep the building at a comfortable temperature.

Zeta’s external solar-powered LED lighting systems incorporate Zeta’s intelligent energy management system which regulates the amount of power consumed by the LEDs at night and maximises the power going to the batteries during the day, optimising its charge and ensuring reliable, year-round performance.

Other benefits of this truly sustainable solution include the fact that they are quick and easy to install, there’s no requirement for mains cabling, they are virtually maintenance free and the ongoing running costs are zero, making them a cost-efficient, robust and reliable, long-term solution.

The Council will also benefit from ongoing cost savings on electricity bills. LEDs consume much less energy than traditional lighting and deliver superior lighting levels, this combined with the extra long-life of LEDs – an average 40,000 hours – will ensure ultra-low maintenance costs and lower energy bills.

PIR sensors incorporated in the external lighting, further increases energy efficiency and microwave sensors fitted on the toilet lights, which means the lights are only on when needed, will deliver additional cost and energy savings.

The new facilities will be a great asset to the town and will also provide a great showcase for Zeta’s energy-efficient solutions.
Councillor Richard Mould
Chairman of the Policy Committee, Bicester Town Council
Alison Preston