Radley College – Oxfordshire

Radley College – Oxfordshire
Radley College was founded in 1847 and is an independent boarding school for boys aged 13-18 years old. The building itself dates back to 1727 and has been preserved to keep the main features intact.
  • Zeta ZD LED Retrofit Kit at Radley College inside fitting
  • Zeta ZD LED Retrofit Kit at Radley College portrait

The college has had a number of new light fittings installed around the building including the 28W 2d and Twin 18 PL lamps.

Radley College were keen to review their current lighting and the possible change from fluorescent to LED but keeping the existing light housings. Radley College were aware of Zeta Specialist Lighting and their capabilities in LED lighting from a previous project at St Catherine’s College.

Here, Zeta demonstrated their desire to fulfil the clients’ needs and to work efficiently meeting their preferred deadline. St Catherine’s College is now revamped with LED lighting including the popular Zeta LED ZD Lamp and the Zeta MM Strip Light, Radley College therefore knew they were in reliable hands.

Zeta analysed the current fittings around Radley College and estimated the energy savings achieved with the new Zeta LED lamps. After having the go ahead from Radley College, Zeta provided a complete retrofit solution using all the current housing already installed which saved time and cost. The Zeta 10W LED ZD Lamp replaced the 28W and 36W fluorescent’s and provides lower energy consumption and maintenance cost. Zeta customised 3 bespoke plates to retrofit into the current housing.

The final result ensured that energy savings of almost 75% were to be achieved and with the LED life expectancy of over 10 years, Radley College can be maintenance and hassle free.

Kate Clark

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