Vantage Toyota – Preston

Vantage Toyota – Preston
Vantage Toyota, Preston is projected to save almost £3,000 per annum in energy costs, thanks to a new energy- and cost-efficient lighting solution provided by Preston-based Ormiston Electrical Services Ltd and Zeta Specialist Lighting.
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The Challenge

When Toyota issued a new directive to its dealerships which specified standards for minimum lighting levels within workshop areas, Vantage Toyota, Preston approached Zeta Specialist Lighting’s client, Ormiston Electrical Services Ltd, for some advice.

The electrical contractor conducted a site survey to determine current light levels, a process that revealed the existing illumination fell short of the new guidance from Toyota, delivering an average of 451 lux as opposed to the 500 lux required by the new directive.

The Solution

Analysing the results from the light level survey, Zeta and Ormiston identified areas where improvements could be made.

Zeta put forward two proposals, the first involved simply adding new lighting to increase the overall illuminance across the workshop which houses twelve active ramps and one MOT bay. However, utilising their expertise in LED lighting solutions, Zeta also devised a new superior lighting design that involved replacing the legacy lighting with Zeta LED Flood Lights, a low power alternative to traditional energy-hungry halogen and sodium flood lighting. Zeta’s recommended solution would vastly improve illumination levels, reduce energy consumption and eliminate the maintenance requirement, plus, Zeta was also able to demonstrate a strong return on investment for Vantage Toyota, Preston.

Key Benefits

The new lighting design involved installing a total of twenty one Zeta LED Flood Lights, these were expertly fitted by Ormiston and strategically sited to deliver optimum illumination in all areas.

The solution delivers a significantly higher Em value – 610 lux – than the legacy lighting and far exceeds the 500 lux levels set by Toyota. In addition the new LED Flood Lights provide superior uniformity of light and have eliminated areas previously affected by shadowing. All of the former ‘dark areas’ are now brightly lit, providing the technical staff with an enhanced working environment.

The Zeta LED Flood Light uses significantly less power than traditional energy-intensive flood lighting. Typically Zeta’s LEDs reduce the energy consumption per unit by 65 per cent, and deliver a superior lighting level of 9188 lumens. In addition CO2 emissions will reduce from 19,433 kg to 12,810 kg – a 34 per cent saving.

The energy savings are also impressive, Vantage Toyota’s annual energy consumption was 36,700 KWH, with the new solution, and usage is expected to drop to 12,800 KWH per annum, representing a 65 per cent reduction.

One of the biggest advantages of LEDs over and above the cost and carbon savings is that they are virtually maintenance-free. Zeta LEDs boast an average lifespan of 40,000 hours, eliminating the time, cost and inconvenience associated with replacing them at regular intervals, and for an operation that is open from 7am to 7pm six days a week, this will also help to ensure business as usual, without having to stop work in order to carry out maintenance. Vantage Toyota Preston is projected to achieve a return on investment in under three years.

We’ve really noticed the difference, the lighting levels are really very good and we no longer have any problem areas. The business case to convert to LED was compelling and we’re delighted with the ongoing savings on energy bills and maintenance we will realise.
Ian Graham
East Lancashire CDA General Manager at Vantage Toyota, Preston
We have worked closely with Zeta over multiple projects now and have every confidence in them and their products. We now regularly specify Zeta LED products and look forward to working with them into the future. For an established contractor like ourselves, our reputation for delivering a quality service, with quality workmanship and products is key and Zeta assist in us delivering this.
Nick Ormiston
Director, Ormiston Electrical Services Ltd
Alison Preston