The Hargreaves Group – Business Parks, Hampshire

The Hargreaves Group – Business Parks, Hampshire
Utilising Zeta Specialist Lighting’s innovative, award-winning Bespoke Solar Signage Kit enabled Tara Signs, one of the UK’s leading sign makers, to illuminate customised signage solutions for two of The Hargreaves Group’s commercial property developments in the South East.
  • Zeta Bespoke Solar Signage Kit at Solent Trade Park day above landscape
  • Zeta Bespoke Solar Signage Kit at Solent Trade Park night landscape
  • Zeta Bespoke Solar Signage Kit at Solent Trade Park night portrait
  • Zeta Bespoke Solar Signage Kit at Solent Trade Park day above PV
The Challenge

The Hargreaves Group, specialists in commercial and residential property development, investment and management throughout South East England, commissioned Tara Signs to provide signage solutions for two of its sites – Hamilton Business Park, Hedge End, Southampton and a new development – Solent Trade Park located close to Havant town centre.

The brief at Hamilton Business Park was to replace the legacy sign at the entrance that featured the names of the site’s occupants, with a fresh modern design. Dave Rossetter, Sales Support Manager at Tara Signs said: “The existing V sign had two elevations, was outdated and unlit. We were keen to explore options to illuminate the new monolith as this would significantly improve the kerb appeal as visitors entered the site; however there was no mains-fed power supply.”

Tara Signs were posed with a similar situation at Solent Trade Park. “The decision to include signage at the front of the Trade Park was made after construction of the new car park had been completed. Hargreaves had a preference for the sign to be lit, but channelling into the freshly-laid tarmac to install cabling to power the sign was not an option,” said Rossetter.

The Solution

Tara Signs approached Zeta Specialist Lighting to explore how they could meet the clients’ brief to illuminate the signage using solar power. Zeta recommended its Solar Signage Kit, a bespoke solution for lighting outdoor totems and monoliths.

The Solar Signage Kit which was voted Sign Product of the Year at the 2014 British Sign Awards, includes discreet and flexible PV Solar Panels, Zeta’s Embedded LED Panel and patented PS800 Energy Management System.

The solar panels harness the sun’s energy throughout the day which is stored by the highly efficient batteries, known for their long life. Zetas intelligent EMS system releases the stored energy, regulating the amount of power consumed by the LED’s at night whilst maximising the power going to the batteries during the day. The kit powers the sign from dusk till dawn and provides year round reliability, making Zeta’s solution the most reliable on the market.

Tara Signs installed a new, modern 6.6 metre high monolith at the entrance to both business parks, with the name of the park on the header unit and a logo on the lower panel, illuminated thanks to Zeta’s innovative solar powered solution.

Key Benefits

As neither location had a mains-fed power supply, meeting the client’s preference for illuminated signs was nigh on impossible without Zeta’s solar powered solution. The costs associated with laying the infrastructure for an on-grid power supply were substantial in both locations and in particular at Solent Trade Park, where construction was completed, the additional cost and time associated with ripping up the car park were impractical and could have impacted on the site’s occupants moving in dates.

Zeta’s Solar Signage Kit is easy to install and Zeta assisted Tara Signs with the installation. For The Hargreaves Group, the cost to install was significantly less than a traditional lighting solution and ongoing running costs are ultra-low. The LEDs are long lasting and require little or no maintenance, plus there’s no energy bills to pay.

We had no issues using the Solar Signage Kit, it was easy to use and install. This solution enabled us to deliver a cost effective, professional looking signage solution to Hargreaves. Most importantly it provides bright and even illumination, it’s a really powerful proposition and we have several more projects in the pipeline where we will be adopting this as an alternative to traditional lighting systems.
Dave Rossetter
Sales Support Manager, Tara Signs
Alison Preston