Lynton and Lynmouth

Lynton and Lynmouth
Zeta supply The SunFLOWER for pathway between Lynton and Lynmouth.
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  • The SunFLOWER at Lynton and Lynmouth

A one-man battle against dense undergrowth and the ravages of time has seen a popular Victorian link between Lynton and Lynmouth enjoy a new lease of life. Arthur Allen has spent almost three years reclaiming the well-known “zig-zag” path – one of the few links between the twin villages – from decline, clearing vegetation, rebuilding dry stone walls and securing an £8,000 grant.

The money from LEADER+ has been used to buy six Zeta SunFLOWERS for the steep pathway, plus benches, bins and information boards.

It is now possible to once again enjoy the stunning views of Lynmouth and Countisbury which so delighted Victorian visitors.

Arthur and his wife, Pam, have owned the Fairholme Hotel at the top of the path for 28 years, but were becoming concerned at how badly the ancient track was declining.

“It was steadily deteriorating and guests who had been coming here for 20 years were saying what a terrible state it was in. Parts had been inaccessible for the past 15 years and at night time it was pitch black. People wanted to walk to the bottom for a meal or whatever, but we have had them get lost and all sorts! “The land is owned by various people, all of whom were very supportive of the work and I would like to thank them all for that”~ Arthur

Volunteers have helped out at different times, but much of the work – especially the mountains of admin it generated – has been Arthur’s alone. Devon County Councillor Andrea Davis has supported the project and helped establish the path was owned by North Devon District Council, which has included it in its street cleaning programme.

”I’ve been genuinely impressed by the enthusiasm Arthur has put into this. This is a vital pedestrian link and I know this has been welcomed by many local people. I feel this also makes a major contribution to helping the local economy by extending the season.
“He’s restored a delightful Victorian walk and some of the most beautiful panoramic views in England, which have been obscured for too long” ~ Pam

Cllr Davis said she hoped to be able to secure an additional £2,500 to provide a further three SunFLOWERS from Zeta.

Alison Preston