NHS – Lynfield Mount Hospital, Bradford District Care Foundation Trust

Zeta supply ECOLUX SOLAR to illuminate Lynfield Mount Hospital.

John Paul Construction – Vanwall Business Park, Maidenhead

LED-lit futuristic feature wall for a newly refurbished office building.

The Hargreaves Group – Business Parks, Hampshire

Zetas Bespoke Solar Signage Kit illuminates customised signage.

Liverpool City Council – The Pier Head, Liverpool

Zetas Solar Signage kit helps guide visitors along The Pier Head.

Trueform – Monolith Development

Zeta supplies Light Guide Panels for street monoliths in the UK.

Mercedes Benz – Silverstone

Zeta illuminates flagship sign at Silverstone.

Transport for London Cycle Hire Scheme – London

Zeta LGP’s guide the way for London cyclists.

Wasabi Restaurants – London

LED lighting shop fit-out for London stores.

Magdalen College – Oxford

Zeta enhance college footpath with wayfinding bollards.