SmartScape Nano

  • SmartScape Nano side view cropped
  • SmartScape Nano lens front cap and heatsink
  • SmartScape Heritage silicone lens and LED
 SmartScape Nano Logo green
Zeta’s SmartScape Nano is a versatile LED solution suitable for a variety of applications.
With wattage options from 8W to 45W, SmartScape Nano provides significant energy and cost savings. SmartScape Nano provides even illumination and has an excellent power factor of 0.95 making it one of the most efficient solutions on the market. The solution utilises silicone lens technology with 5 lens options available.
  • Elegant, compact design
  • Light weight
  • CMS interface
  • High luminaire efficacy
  • Highly efficient programmable driver
  • Reduced light pollution
  • High quality – UK made
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Streets and Roads
  • Residential areas
  • Industrial areas
  • Pathways
  • Car parks
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Railway Stations
  • Shopping precincts
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