Zeta Vapour Proof LED Fitting

  • Zeta Vapour Proof LED Fitting front view
  • Zeta Vapour Proof LED Fitting diagonal
Zeta’s Vapour Proof LED Fitting offers an ideal replacement for traditional fluorescent fittings.
The fitting has been designed to offer a ‘spot-free’ linear solution, with dimming capability and is robust, water resistant and anti-corrosive. Using the latest Chip on Board (COB) technology the blade arrays offer highly efficient lumen levels and high power factor when combined with the correct driver selection; providing an ideal, long-life LED solution. Available for either single or twin array placements.
  • Spot-free
  • Single or twin fittings
  • Dimming capability
  • Robust
  • Water resistant
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Energy and cost saving
  • Carbon saving
Interior and Exterior:
  • Warehouses
  • Car parks
  • Offices
  • Airports
  • Industrial units
  • Freezer rooms
  • Kitchens