The Cooper School Installs Zeta LED and Solar Lighting Solutions

The Cooper School Installs Zeta LED and Solar Lighting Solutions

The Cooper School Installs Zeta LED and Solar Lighting Solutions

Easy to install LED and solar lighting solutions from Zeta Specialist Lighting have enabled Bicester Learning Academy’s The Cooper School, to cost-effectively illuminate previously unlit areas within its grounds; plus, Zeta’s carbon saving solutions have also supported the school’s commitment to minimising environmental impact.

The Cooper School has been able to illuminate a number of dark areas within its grounds utilising Zeta’s Solar Head Units mounted onto poles along the pathways. These standalone lighting systems are waterproof, vandal resistant and simple to install; they come with brackets that are adjustable to any angle and pole fixings and are virtually maintenance free.

In addition, the school required a powerful solution to light a large internal and previously unlit area within the campus and selected Zeta’s LED Flood Light. ThCooper-Schoole LED Flood Light provides a low power alternative to traditional energy-intensive flood lighting and is long lasting, with 40,000 hours lifetime.

Both products have a Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor that detects movement, switching to on mode when detecting movement and back to off mode automatically when no movement is detected; conserving energy and minimising light pollution.

“There were several dark areas on site and we needed to find a way to light these up for visitors attending parents’ evenings or open days which happen after normal school hours,” explained Strategic Finance & Business Manager Steve Cook.

“It was cost-prohibitive to install traditional hard wired lights but Zeta’s solar and LED solutions provided us with the ideal cost and energy saving solution.”


Ben Baxter, Executive Head Teacher of Bicester Learning Academy which comprises The Cooper School and Glory Farm Primary School, said: “I believe we have acquired a quality product benefiting from cutting edge technology. Not only do the lights enhance the safety and security aspects of the school by offering improved lighting, but they have also proved to give value for money in terms of reduced energy costs. We would hope to introduce similar lighting at our partner site, Glory Farm Primary School.”

As part of its ongoing refurbishment The Cooper School also intends to replace lighting in its classrooms, installing Zeta’s Ultra Slim Ceiling Panels which provide high performance, attractive LED lighting. The ultra slim ceiling panels, which come in a variety of sizes, give off more light and run at 60% of the power of florescent tubes; offering substantial energy and cost savings.

Alison Preston