LED lighting from Zeta transforms Banbury and Bicester College

LED lighting from Zeta transforms Banbury and Bicester College

Activate Learning, an educational organisation based in Oxford, comprising three FE colleges, two technical colleges and a marketing consulting company, has refurbished its Banbury and Bicester College campus, utilising LED lighting supplied by Zeta Specialist Lighting.

As part of an ongoing refurbishment project, Activate Learning commenced a competitive tender process for the supply and installation of new lighting within three key areas within Banbury and Bicester College.

The college wished to smarten up the main corridor linking the main reception area with the classrooms; a ‘gaming’ area for students, as well as the IT learning room. The brief to potential suppliers included a requirement for energy-efficient lighting solutions that would reduce the college’s energy bills, and one that would lessen the workload of the college’s maintenance team – it was key that the recommended products were long lasting and required little or minimal ongoing maintenance.

Zeta Specialist Lighting was selected as the preferred supplier on the basis that their proposal exactly met the brief. Zeta recommended its Ultra Slim Ceiling Panels which provide high performance, attractive LED lighting fitted with Zeta Emergency Kits – which provide emergency back-up, supplying over three hours of emergency mode lighting at an ultra-low 5W, for the main corridor.



Zeta’s Ultra Slim Ceiling Panels were also supplied surface mounted to illuminate the gaming area and the IT learning room, providing superior light at a fraction of the cost of the legacy lighting.

The ultra slim ceiling panels give off more light and use significantly less power than florescent tubes. A standard florescent tube has an average rated life of 15,000 hrs while Zeta’s LED ultra slim panels last for 50,000 hours (average rated life).  This means that the college will benefit from reduced energy bills, something that was integral to their requirements and it’s estimated that they will achieve an annual cost saving of around 50%.

With a thickness of only 7mm, the ultra slim design allows for easy installation and offers an enhanced aesthetic appearance once in-situ. Plus, Zeta’s Ultra Slim Ceiling Panels are available in bespoke sizes and either as surface mounted or recessed luminaries. For the college, this meant that the panels were created in a variety of sizes suited to each individual area; so for example within the main corridor each of the panels was 600x600mm in size and the IT room was fitted with eight 1200x300mm surface mounted ultra slim panels.


 “Zeta’s recommended solution was both competitive and cost-effective,” said Facilities Manager Bridget Richardson. “We especially wanted a product that would save on maintenance and as Zeta’s LEDs have a long life, we were happy that our maintenance team wouldn’t be continually up and down ladders changing them.”



Alison Preston