Zeta Shines Brighter with its Ultra Slim Ceiling Panels

Zeta Shines Brighter with its Ultra Slim Ceiling Panels

Efficient, effective office lighting is a must in busy working environments. And no one understands this better than Zeta Specialist Lighting. That’s why we have installed Zeta Ultra Slim Ceiling Panels to light up our offices.

Zetas Ultra Slim Ceiling Panels can be used for a number of applications and are perfect for any office refit. Lighting the Zeta office is the 600×1200 ceiling panel. Its ultra slim design allows for easy installation and enhanced aesthetic appearance.

All 32 panels were installed in just 1 day and not only give high performance, attractive LED lighting but give off more light and run at 60% of the power of the old florescent tubes; offering substantial energy and cost savings.


Zeta-offices-ultra-slim-ceiling-panels-2Alison Preston, Zetas Marketing Manager said: “The thing I love about the Zeta Ceiling Panels is not only the difference they make to the office aesthetically, but the difference in the distribution and brightness of light is unbelievable. I work in the office on a regular basis, and good lighting is essential; not only for productivity but also for creating a positive atmosphere and general staff well-being. The light produced from the panels does not feel artificial; they create a bright natural light which makes for a much better working environment.”

Alison Preston