Zeta Solar LED – The perfect solution for fire assembly points

Zeta Solar LED – The perfect solution for fire assembly points

When it comes to fire safety we all know how important it is to have clear and concise emergency routes out of buildings and efficient emergency lighting to allow the exit process to happen as safely, quickly and smoothly as possible. 

But what about once you get out to your fire assembly point? That place of safety that you are heading to, sufficiently away from imminent danger.  Important too, right?

Yes. But surprisingly, more often than not, fire assembly points are not given as much thought as they perhaps deserve; particularly when it comes to lighting.

Fire evacuations in the hours after dark can pose additional safety risks and may make people feel more vulnerable.  You may not know how long those affected will have to wait at the assembly point and it’s far less than ideal for people to be waiting around in poorly lit areas or even pitch black for potentially hours on end. It’s also crucial to have sufficient lighting for anyone reading out the necessary roll calls.

SolisPOLE-with-NanoMains powered lighting is an option, but what about if your assembly point is far from the building and does not have convenient mains connection? Installing cables cause disruption and incur costs not only for the install itself but for ongoing maintenance and electricity bills.

This is where Zeta comes in. Our Solar LED solutions can provide efficient, long lasting lighting for fire assembly point areas and any associate signage, no matter where it is.

By using a Zeta Solar LED solution you get instant installation and ongoing cost savings as there are no additional energy bills to pay.

Zeta-Shelter-Lighting-Kit-(23)Our solar LED products also deliver on an eco-saving front as they are all low carbon, environmentally friendly solutions.

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Alison Preston