Zeta Specialist Lighting and Tara Signs deliver £10k cost saving with innovative LED lighting solution

Zeta Specialist Lighting and Tara Signs deliver £10k cost saving with innovative LED lighting solution

LED and solar powered lighting systems specialist Zeta Specialist Lighting, and Tara Signs, one of the UK’s leading sign makers, created a cost-effective, LED-lit futuristic feature wall for a newly refurbished office building in Vanwall Business Park, Maidenhead.

One of the key architectural-led design elements specified during the refurbishment was to include a colour-changing feature wall at the back of the building’s reception area and to create a similar effect on the front desk.

A combination of Zeta’s technological expertise in LEDs and Tara Signs’ specialist know-how in signage solutions enabled the two companies to recommend an alternative solution to the client’s original plan to utilise an expensive acrylic substrate featuring an embedded pattern, a move that reduced the cost by over £10,000.

Tara Signs created an innovative 4 metre by 2 metre fabric covered installation, equipped with a NovaTex box fitted with Zeta’s RGB Embedded LED Panels.


The feature wall is equipped with four DMX controllers that provide the client with the ability to access over 2,000 colour options – and it is also future-proof, providing the building’s tenants with the opportunity to add a company logo or new background to the skin if they wish, which is easily done and doesn’t require any technical support to action.

The Embedded LED Panels have been programmed so that the colour changes and effects work together.

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The second stage of the project included creating a similar colour changing feature on the front desk. 5 metre by 1 metre opal polycarbonate panels with a digital print pattern were treated with UV laminate and back-lit by Zeta’s RGB Embedded LED Panels, controlled via three DMX controllers to work in conjunction with the feature wall, delivering an impactful, versatile and customisable feature.

 “Zeta’s first class LED lighting solutions and their technological expertise played a significant role in the design, development and delivery of this futuristic, ultra-modern signage solution,” said Justin Finch, Sales Director, Tara Signs.” The innovative RGB Embedded LED Panel provided an easy to fit, cost- and energy-efficient route to provide the illumination and choice of colour changing variants the client specified.”

cs-Jean-Paul-Construction-AllLEDs use significantly less power than florescent tubes, a standard florescent tube has an average rated life of 15,000 hrs while Zeta’s Embedded LED Panels last almost three times longer, meaning that the building’s new tenants will benefit from lower energy bills and carbon emissions.








Alison Preston