Zeta Specialist Lighting designs custom-made luminaire

Zeta Specialist Lighting designs custom-made luminaire

Bicester-based Zeta Specialist Lighting has developed a bespoke energy-saving and cost-efficient LED alternative to traditional high level T5 luminaires. The new Zeta LED T5 Blade Fitting was designed and developed for a major high street retailer as part of a large investment programme to roll out LED technology across its nationwide store network.

Zeta’s R&D specialists worked closely with the retailer to design, refine and trial a new ceiling mounted LED luminaire to illuminate the storerooms, corridors and offices located at the back of its stores. The result of the three-month long process was the highly efficient, aesthetically pleasing and energy-saving, Zeta LED T5 Blade Fitting.

Ideal for use in a variety of different environments such as storerooms, warehouses and high racking aisles; the new Zeta LED T5 Blade Fitting is an easy to install, easy to maintain solution that delivers shadow-free luminance with no flickering.

Compared to a standard 5ft T5 fitting, Zeta succeeded in reducing the energy consumption per unit by 50 per cent, whilst delivering a comparable lighting level of 3100 lumens. The new Zeta LED T5 Blade Fitting runs at just 20W (22W including driver) as opposed to the 40W energy requirement of a single 5ft T5.



Slimline, with an attractive aesthetic design, the new Zeta LED T5 Blade Fitting  incorporates cutting edge LED technology, sits at just 1255mm (l) x 50mm (w) x 37mm (h) and has a mounting height range from two to four metres; all of which combined, make it the most advanced, energy reducing, high level luminaire in its class.

One Zeta LED T5 Blade Fitting equipped with a master sensor can control up to an additional three fittings, with each integral sensor providing uber-efficient control over energy consumption. The fittings will dim down to an ultra-low 5W if no-one is in the area and

instantly light up once movement is detected – another major value add is the fact that light is instant – there’s no warm-up time.

The next phase will see Zeta supply and install 100 Zeta LED T5 Blade Fittings in a Midlands store. Once installed, the savings in this single store alone will be significant. Zeta estimates (based on the fittings running for 14 hours per day, seven days a week with a per unit of electricity cost of 0.11p) that the retailer will achieve energy savings totalling 13,250kWh, equating to 7,009 kg of CO2, which translates to a monetary cost saving of £1,457.46 in the first year.


Alison Preston