Zeta Specialist Lighting develops bespoke LED emergency lighting solution

Zeta Specialist Lighting develops bespoke LED emergency lighting solution

Zeta Specialist Lighting, the Bicester-based developer and manufacturer of LED and solar powered lighting systems has introduced the LED 360 Light. This new portable emergency LED lighting solution was designed and developed for VersarPPS, a leading UK manufacturer of decontamination equipment and personal protective equipment.

VersarPPS had traditionally used fluorescent emergency lighting in its shelter systems and required a lower cost LED alternative. After researching the options currently available and failing to find an off the shelf LED solution that exactly met their requirements, the company approached Zeta to see if they could create a bespoke cost- and energy-efficient solution that would deliver optimum lighting levels.


LED-360-Light-(22)“Our key objective was to find an LED solution that was as robust and waterproof as the fluorescent systems, one which offered a lower cost and reduced environmental impact, as well as delivering superior illumination,” said Mark Taylor, Purchasing Manager at VersarPPS.

Zeta’s R&D specialists worked closely with VersarPPS to design a brand new innovative energy-saving solution for temporary and emergency lighting applications. A key criterion was not to stray too far from the tubular shape commonly used, but at the same time the design had to be innovative and stand out from other products currently available.

The compact LED 360 Light features a unique parabolic reflector design, the Zeta-designed unique ‘trumpet-shaped’ reflector provides 360° of even illumination providing maximum visibility and safety in emergency situations.


LED-360-Light-(21)The LED tube lighting is extremely robust and incorporates a toughened, shock resistant polycarbonate casing, allowing it to withstand harsh conditions. The on board driver, long-life LEDs and ultra-efficient heat sink, work together to create a flexible and durable product suitable for use in a wide range of emergency situations.

The LED 360 Light’s IP65 (waterproof) rating and IP rated outdoor connectors make it ideal for use both indoors and outdoors, meeting the client’s brief to create a solution suitable for use within a decontamination shower, as well as one that can be fixed onto the exterior of a shelter.

Zeta’s design team created a linkable version, including adjustable heavy duty nylon hanging straps with snap hooks that enable convenient ‘daisychaining’ for up to four lights for further flexibility.


LED-360-Light-(16)This high efficiency, long-life solution runs at just 51W, compared to a conventional fluorescent alternative, this represents up to 35% reduction in energy consumption. It also generates minimal heat, no cool down time is required before the LED 360 Light can be safely stowed away. Its compact design, just 100 x 100 x 500mm, makes it easily portable and cost efficient to ship, and as VersaPPS has a global client base, this is delivering additional cost benefits.

“I can easily say the decision to go with Zeta and this design was one of the easiest we have made,” said Taylor. “The finished unit perfectly complements our shelter and decontamination solutions, it is innovative, met all our criteria and has provided us with the ability to offer effective solutions which incorporate the latest cutting edge lighting products, at a competitive price.”


Zeta-LED-360-Light-(1)For more information on this innovative solution or to see how Zeta could help you, please call a member of the team on 01869 322500 or email info@thezetagroup.com  with your enquiry.


Alison Preston