Zeta Specialist Lighting helps enhance serviced office building

Zeta Specialist Lighting helps enhance serviced office building

Jennings, a property management company that owns and manages a number of business parks in South Oxfordshire, has refurbished Hampden House, its serviced office building on Monument Park, Chalgrove, utilising energy-efficient LED lighting supplied by Zeta Specialist Lighting.

“We did a lot of research into the new lighting we wanted,” explained Jennings Commercial Manager, Chris Williams. “The requirement to provide lighting for ourselves, as well as for a number of different tenant businesses who rent offices from us, meant that we had to get it right and meet the needs of a diverse set of people.” Hampden House has a footprint of some 20,000 sq. ft. and comprises 28 purpose-built offices ranging from 230 sq. ft. to over 1,000 sq. ft. as well as five meeting rooms and a main reception area. A key part of the refurbishment was to replace the energy-hungry four-tube fluorescent ceiling lights throughout the building with a more effective, aesthetically pleasing and eco-saving alternative.


cs-Before-and-After_001Zeta Specialist Lighting conducted a comprehensive survey and recommended installing its Ultra Slim Ceiling Panels which are available in bespoke sizes and provide high performance, attractive LED lighting.

In addition Zeta reconfigured the existing set-up, reducing the number of panels in some offices and repositioning the new Ultra Slim Ceiling Panels in order to deliver better illumination where it was most needed. As part of its consultative approach, Zeta also engaged with the tenants, adapting the colour temperature from warm to cool and customising it at the levels which best suited the occupants.

“The new lights are great, they took a few days to get used to, as the light from them is so much brighter!”  Williams said.

Prior to the refurbishment, Hampden House featured luminaires with built-in silver louvres. “Many businesses request that lighting is Cat 1 or Cat 2 compliant which is why louvres feature heavily within office lighting solutions largely due to their glare reducing features,” explained Phil Shadbolt, Chairman and CEO, Zeta Specialist Lighting.

“But in reality what they do is limit the amount of light that comes through and they can in some cases spoil the overall look of a modern office space. Office lighting has moved on, LED flat panels provide significantly improved light distribution and efficiency and with our solutions, there are no issues with VDU compliance,” he added.

Zeta’s ultra slim ceiling panels give off more light and run at 50% of the power of the old florescent tubes installed at Hampden House. A standard florescent tube has an average rated life of 15,000 hrs while Zeta’s LED Ultra Slim Ceiling Panels last for 39,500 hours (average rated life), delivering substantial energy and cost savings to Jennings.


The ultra slim design allows for easy installation and minus the louvres, they also offer an enhanced aesthetic appearance across the building.

“Not only do the new LEDs make the offices look smarter and cleaner, they really help to maintain energy levels, especially in winter when the afternoons can be so grey and dismal,” added Williams.






Alison Preston