Zeta launches new LED street light… SmartScape Nano

Zeta launches new LED street light… SmartScape Nano

Bicester-based LED and solar lighting systems specialist, Zeta Specialist Lighting, has extended its SmartScape street and area lighting range with the launch of SmartScape Nano. Designed and built in the UK, SmartScape Nano is a versatile LED replacement for incumbent high pressure sodium (SON), low pressure sodium (SOX), and CFL street lights and public area luminaires.

Available in both post-top and side-entry mounting options, Zeta’s SmartScape Nano is a highly efficient LED street lighting solution featuring intelligent cooling technology that ensures optimum heat dissipation, and which consumes up to 60% less power than conventional technologies.

nano3The lightest in its class – SmartScape Nano is quick and easy to install, there’s no requirement for special tools or heavy lifting equipment, and this compact solution won’t place unnecessary strain on existing ageing posts.

SmartScape Nano delivers incredible efficiency and increased value; with this virtually maintenance-free LED street light, installers and maintainers will benefit from a reduced manpower requirement, significant cost savings, increased energy efficiency and an almost two-thirds drop in carbon emissions.

With lumen maintenance of >100,000 hrs (L80), SmartScape Nano boasts a longer lifetime, which can be further expanded with the use of smart controls. It’s also compatible with all standard Central Management Systems (CMS) that enable operators to remotely manage and monitor street light fixtures, establish dimming and on/off schedules, as well as providing other benefits such as fault detection.

For optimal performance, SmartScape Nano features a reliable, programmable driver that’s specifically designed to operate LED solutions in outdoor lighting systems. It matches the long lifetime of the LEDs and delivers all dimming options and a range of currents in a single unit, for exceptional operating efficiency.

header-bannerLEDs provide superior illumination and improved colour rendering than traditional street lighting technologies and Zeta’s solution utilises UV-resistant, robust, silicon lens technology which ensures excellent transparency and high optical efficiency.

SmartScape Nano is available in 30W and 40W variants with a respective lumen output of 3,900 and 5,200, boasts a power factor of 0.95, has a Luminaire Efficacy of >130lm/W and a choice of five lens options, providing a range of beam options to suit any application.

And this UK-manufactured street light overs an impressive return on investment. Typical payback based on replacing a 55W SOX with a 30W Nano is just two years and seven months.

Zeta showcased SmartScape Nano at Innovate 2015 on 9 and 10 November at Old Billingsgate, London.

Alison Preston