Zeta creates bespoke solar-powered LED luminaires for Cornwall Council

Zeta creates bespoke solar-powered LED luminaires for Cornwall Council

SSE Enterprise and Zeta Specialist Lighting delivered a unique, bespoke solar-powered LED lighting solution that enabled Cornwall Council to upgrade two lights at either end of the island in the middle of South Quay Harbour, and replace an existing lantern next to the fishermens’ bait stores at North Quay.

A solar-powered solution was the only viable option for a number of reasons. The electricity feed to the island was trenched through the sand, across the harbour and up the quay wall. Although it was protected by galvanised pipework, the cable had been damaged by boats when mooring up and the Council was faced with the prospect of digging up the harbour to repair it.

Replacing the lights was further complicated as the island could only be reached during low tide. In addition, due to access difficulties, the existing luminaire at North Quay had become almost impossible to repair and not received proper maintenance for some time, which prompted the Council to take the opportunity to reposition it to a more accessible area.

The new lights were to be devolved to the Harbour Commission Solis Nano installed on island in the middle of Newquay Harbourand another key driver behind choosing a solar-powered solution that utilised long-life LEDs, was to remove the requirement to replace the lamps, as well as ensure there were no ongoing running costs.

Zeta recommended the Solis Nano, a versatile solar lighting solution that combines the SolisPOLE, an innovative system specifically designed to capture and store solar power and the SmartScape Nano, a lightweight, highly efficient LED street and area light.

As well as providing a standard Solis Nano to be installed at North Quay, Zeta created a unique, bespoke solution for Cornwall Council, reworking the existing Solis Nano to incorporate an additional head unit, so that light was emitted on two sides. Zeta built two of the specially designed poles for installation either end of the island in the middle of the harbour. All five luminaires deliver superior illumination and boast intelligent cooling technology that ensures optimum heat dissipation.

Zeta Solis Nano at Newquay HarbourMaintenance-free, SmartScape Nano utilises self-cleaning silicone lens technology and the LEDs have a long lifetime of >100,000 hours. Other benefits include improved lighting levels and reduced light pollution, and this cost and energy-efficient solution provides up to 70 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions, helping Cornwall Council meet its carbon saving targets.

Mark Vincent, ITC Operations Officer, Transport & Technology Team, Economy, Enterprise and Environment, Cornwall Council said:  “We looked at a number of options and Zeta’s solution was by far the best. Custom-made and cost-efficient, it was also much more attractive to look at than some other systems available, as the solar technology is cleverly integrated within the pole. We are delighted that we have been able to give the Harbour Commission a sustainable solution, with no ongoing running costs or maintenance issues to consider.”

Emily Santos