LED Retrofit Solutions for Street and Area Lighting

LED Retrofit Solutions for Street and Area Lighting


What do we mean by retrofit lighting?
Basically, it means replacing your existing lighting with new and improved lighting; for example converting from old and often outdated lighting technology such as fluorescent and moving across to a more efficient one such as LED.

Retrofit kits are ideal for applications where the housing or unit may be adequate but the lighting system itself requires updating or improving.

Retrofit solutions for Street and Area lighting - Benefits


What are the key benefits of retrofitting?
There are numerous benefits to retrofitting. One of which is that it makes use of the existing fittings that are on the network, which in turn reduces the cost of switch over, installation time and disruption to the public.

It also lessens the environmental impact of upgrading and being LED means that once installed, ongoing maintenance costs are greatly reduced; typically fluorescents have a lifetime of around 18 months, whereas LED’s are 7 years or more. Energy costs are also significantly reduced with savings up to 80% possible by switching to LED.


What retrofit solutions can Zeta provide for the urban environment?
Retrofit solutions are ideal for street and urban environments and provide various benefits as we have just mentioned. Zeta has a number of solutions available, one of our most popular being our Bespoke Subway Kit. This kit can be used to provide a complete gear tray retrofit or required amendments can be made to the existing gear tray to convert the subway lighting unit to an LED solution.

Other products include the Zeta LED Bollard Uplighter, a perfect solution for all UK bollard bases, the Zeta LED Belisha Pole Illumination kit, which can be fitted simply into the vertical pole from the top; with minimal disruption and install time and Zetas SignLite LED Blade, a quick and easy retrofit solution for traditional road sign illumination that consumes just 9W and delivers impressive cost, power usage and maintenance savings.

Zeta Bespoke Subway Kit studio shot unlitZeta LED Bollard Uplighter lit

Zeta LED Belisha Pole Illumination Kit in Leeds 4 poles squareZeta SignLite LED Blade in Nottingham lower view bright







Zeta Solar Shelter Lighting Kit in Gibraltar squareZeta is also the UK market leader in solar powered LED shelter lighting with over 4,000 installations nationwide. Our Zeta Solar Shelter Lighting Kit is virtually maintenance free and due to the ease of installation can be fitted with minimal disruption.SmartScape-Heritage---Cheshire-install-(8)

Most recently Zeta has developed a Heritage lantern retrofit solution, SmartScape Heritage. Zeta’s intelligent design means that the integrated engine can be engineered to fit into a vast range of different heritage lantern shapes and sizes, making it a wholly flexible retro-fit solution for heritage-style public lighting.



How easy is the retrofit process?
It’s simple! All Zeta LED retrofit kits are specifically designed for the units they are going into. Often mounted onto retrofit gear trays; making it a simple plug and play solution.

The ease of installation combined with the financial savings and environmental rewards makes for a compelling case to switch to LED.
Zeta has experience with numerous types of retrofit projects not only in the street and urban environment but also commercial, industrial and transport including retrofitting heritage units with English Heritage approved Zeta fittings.

Find out more about all of our retrofit solutions by browsing our website or get in touch with our team on 01869 311500 or via info@thezetagroup.com to discuss your needs.

Alison Preston