University of Wolverhampton installs solar powered wayfinding signage

University of Wolverhampton installs solar powered wayfinding signage

Zeta Specialist Lighting’s innovative Bespoke Solar Signage Kit enabled Digital Imaging Services to cost- and eco-efficiently illuminate a customised wayfinding solution across the University of Wolverhampton’s main campus.

Wolverhampton-Uni-(4)Midlands-based Digital Imaging Services (DIS), a leading provider of multi-channel bespoke branding solutions was commissioned by the University to design and deliver customised wayfinding signage across its main campus in Wolverhampton. DIS conducted a full site survey in order to map out where the totems should be sited and what information needed to be included for maximum impact. The company also created a 3D plan of the design which included seven freestanding totems, ranging from 2 metres to 3.5 metres high, strategically placed around the campus.

The key challenge was how to illuminate the totems in order to enable visitors to see the campus maps and other important information during the hours of darkness. There was no easy to access mains-fed power supply and the cost of laying the infrastructure for an on-grid power supply was substantial.

Having completed other projects in partnership with Zeta, utilising its innovative LED solar powered systems, Digital Imaging Services worked with the lighting specialist, refining the totem’s design to incorporate discreet and flexible PV Solar panels.

Wolverhampton-Uni----Zeta-Solar-Signage-Kit-(2)Zeta’s Solar Signage Kit is a bespoke solution for lighting outdoor monoliths and totems. Solar panels harness the sun’s energy during the day which is stored by the long life batteries, Zeta’s patented Energy Management System intelligently releases the stored energy, regulates the amount of power consumed by LEDs at night and maximises the power going to the batteries during the day.

Mark Bradley, Director DIS said: “Zeta’s ability to provide a solar powered solution was integral to the success of this project. Illumination was critical, without light, the wayfinding system wouldn’t have been fit for purpose. The Solar Signage Kit seamlessly powers the totems from dawn till dusk, all year round.”

Wolverhampton-Uni----Zeta-Solar-Signage-Kit-(1)The University is now exploring installing similar solar powered wayfinding across its other sites.


Alison Preston