Zeta LED technology delivers significant savings for Bouygues Energies & Services

Zeta LED technology delivers significant savings for Bouygues Energies & Services

Bouygues Energies & Services has upgraded the lighting in its 50,000 sq. ft. Hatfield warehouse, choosing Zeta Specialist Lighting’s robust, highly effective, cost- and energy-saving LED technology.

The new lighting will lower the company’s energy bills by £5,000 per annum, reduce energy usage by 45,000 kWh and shrink its CO2 emissions by 23 tonnes. In addition, Bouygues will realise a further £500 cost saving each year, the amount spent on maintenance.   

Zeta LED Highbays and Flood lights at Bouygues UK, HatfieldThe key driver behind the decision to upgrade the lighting across the warehouse, which is used for storage and distribution, was to ensure it met with recommendations for minimum lighting levels in the workplace. And when it came to replacing the energy-intensive 400W SON-T metal halide lamps, ensuring the new technology was both eco-friendly and economical, was also a high priority.

After conducting a full site survey that included measuring the lighting levels across all areas, identifying dark spots and reviewing current and historic energy consumption, Zeta recommended its 180W LED Highbay to be installed in between the racking throughout the warehouse. This energy-efficient, aesthetically pleasing LED solution delivers highly efficient illumination – 18,000 lumens – a level far superior to the legacy lamps.

In addition, Zeta LED Flood Lights were strategically sited in all other areas of the building. The LED Flood Light range uses the latest Chip-on-Board LED technology, has advanced anti-glare properties and is a low power alternative to other energy-intensive flood lighting technologies. With a lumen level of 9188, a 113° beam angle and a 6500K colour temperature, this powerful solution delivered significantly improved illumination across the warehouse.Bouygues Energies & Services upgrades lighting in its Hatfield warehouse with Zeta LED's

Zeta’s recommended solution also incorporated control technology. This included PIR sensors which increase the light levels when a person enters the area and switch the lights off when no-one is in the vicinity. As the building has a number of skylights which let natural daylight in, Zeta’s intelligent daylight detection function was also integrated to ensure that the levels are adjusted accordingly depending on the time of day, whilst always ensuring that the recommended minimum lighting levels are maintained.

Zeta’s longer lasting, energy-saving and eco-friendly LED solution was designed to address all of the criteria set by Bouygues and importantly the entire project was delivered within budget.

Zeta LED Highbays installed in between the racking throughout the warehouse.The lighting within the warehouse has been considerably improved, the building is now a much lighter, brighter environment and all areas meet the minimum levels recommended.

Mike Clark, Logistics Manager said: “Bouygues Energies & Services identified the need to improve lighting in our warehouse, especially within the racking areas. The Zeta solution allowed us to improve lighting whilst reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.”

Bouygues will achieve a fast return on investment with the savings on energy consumption, maintenance and reduction in carbon emissions, kicking in from day one.

Alison Preston