Zeta Partners Bicester Technology Studio

Zeta Partners Bicester Technology Studio

Bicester Technology Studio (BTS) is a sustainable technologies and logistics focused school, aiming to give young people an education that prepares them for a career in engineering or elsewhere in the technology sector.

Bicester-Technology-Sudio-mockup-(2)_0The school is set to welcome its first students in September 2016 who will begin their journey into various industries such as the £93 billion logistics sector and the £330 million UK lighting industry. Studio schools are designed for 14-19 year olds and offer academic and vocational qualifications, as well as work placements linked directly to employment opportunities in the local area. In the  first academic year (2016/17) they will accommodate students going into years 10 and 12.

Bicester Technology Studio will feel more like a workplace than a school, with a working day of 8.30am – 5.00pm as is common in industry. This gives teachers more time to embed learning and also enables students to maintain a good work/life balance; allowing more work to be completed during the day and freeing up precious relaxation and recreation time in the evenings and at weekends.

Where does Zeta come in? Zeta is an industry partner to the school, meaning we will help to shape the curriculum, provide sector experience and work alongside the staff to coach and mentor the students. Zeta will also be providing employer-led projects and challenges, as well as accreditations, for a well-rounded student experience.

We are extremely excited to work with young people in the local area, aiding in their education and transition into work! We hope that the partnership will be an opportunity for Zeta to give something back to the local area and contribute further to the sustainable vision that Bicester is instilling into its enterprises and residents.

To read more about the school please visit The Bicester Technology Studio website, or get in touch…



Alison Preston