Zeta Specialist Lighting Launches UK-Made LED Light Guide Panel

Zeta Specialist Lighting Launches UK-Made LED Light Guide Panel

Zeta Specialist Lighting, the Bicester-based developer and manufacturer of LED and solar lighting systems has introduced a brand new LED Light Guide Panel (LGP). Designed and developed in-house, the new Light Guide Panel will be made in the firm’s Bicester production facility.

Zeta-LGP-(1)Zeta’s Light Guide Panel provides a flexible, energy-efficient solution to deliver optimum illumination across a variety of applications including signage, wayfinding, advertising poster cases, totems, monoliths and even road signs.

Each Light Guide Panel is made from the highest quality UK acrylic and has a unique grid pattern etched into the acrylic that’s been specifically designed to deliver shadow free illumination and deliver uniform light distribution, ensuring optimum performance.

The new Zeta Light Guide Panel is a maintenance free, low power alternative to fluorescent light sources with an average rated life of 50,000 hours. Featuring an ultra-slim profile starting from just 6mm, (thickness up to 15mm is also available on request) the Zeta LGP is available in various bespoke sizes and shapes.

mon-darker-6This cost-effective, space saving, easy to install solution can be Light Guide Panelused in both single and double sided applications and has a waterproof option available, making it suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Zeta’s ultra-efficient LEDs are available in a range of colour temperatures along with RGB options; providing scope for sign-makers to offer a range of different effects and mood lighting,

In addition, when combined with the Zeta Solar Kit, sign-makers can offer clients solar-powered signage illumination, ideal for use in areas where there is no easy to access mains power and where laying cabling is cost-prohibitive, a system that further reduces installation and running costs.

Kate Clark