The Pick of Zeta’s Solar Solutions, Ready for Summer 2016

The Pick of Zeta’s Solar Solutions, Ready for Summer 2016

Zeta Specialist Lighting prides itself on the innovative combination of LED and Solar solutions available to its customers. Our growing portfolio currently encompasses the Commercial, Industrial, Street Furniture, Amenity and Signage sectors – with more bespoke solutions being developed by our R&D team year on year.


With the arrival of summer in the UK, we wanted to give our community an insight into some of our many solar solutions and their current implementations around the country, and indeed the world! Not only the complete solutions, but the innovative patented technologies that go into them make Zeta’s products unrivalled in the Solar and LED markets.

BEAR-Scot-(1)Wayfinding – Zeta’s Solar LED Brick was recently installed on a cycle path in Perth Scotland – commissioned by BEAR Scotland – to improve safety for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists following a cyclist fatality. The Brick’s super capacitor allows it to store and discharge solar energy extremely efficiently, increasing the product’s reliability and ensuring a long life. The complete, compact solution harnesses daylight, not necessarily direct sunlight, to power the high quality LEDs from dusk until dawn, even in the months of winter.


Nottingham-Park-and-RideSignage – The ECOLUX SOLAR Trough Light is the first solar solution of its kind on the market. It has already been installed in several sites around the UK including; signage at Queen’s Drive Park & Ride in Nottingham and a billboard for Clear Channel UK in Birmingham. The innovative solution is rapidly becoming one of Zeta’s most popular products. The new Portland Lighting “Super Lens” accompanying Zeta’s Solar Kit creates an unrivalled solution comprised of; high quality LEDs, discretely placed PV panels, Zeta’s patented Energy Management System and long life AGM Batteries.


Zeta-6W-Wall-Mounted-Solar-Light-(43)-croppedCommercial – Zeta’s wide range of solar solutions isn’t limited to large scale signage products or retrofit solutions for street furniture. Elegant, compact commercial solar solutions, such as the Wall Mounted Solar LED Light are now a vital part of the portfolio. With a versatile range of applications from domestic to industrial and highly reliable components, the product is the perfect low maintenance, compact solution. Its integrated photocell and PIR sensor enable to product to be a completely stand-alone system.


Zeta-Gib-hi-res-3Street Furniture – With low maintenance, zero running costs and PIR capabilities, the Zeta Solar Shelter Lighting Kit really is ahead of its time and top of the market. The choice of luminaires that can accompany the kit and the discreet PV positioning means the solution is extremely versatile and can be adapted to suit the needs of the application and customer. The product has a global presence with interest coming from the United Arab Emirates, amongst others and installs already in place across Gibraltar.


SolisPOLE-with-Light-ring2Amenity – Whilst many of Zeta’s solar solutions aim for discretion and to blend in with the surroundings, the SolisPOLE’s unique, striking design aims to stand out from the crowd. The innovative PV carrier sits above the luminaire and, with solar cells mounted at 360° around the pole, maximum energy capture is ensured. The range of luminaires that can accompany Zeta’s SolisPOLE is vast: from Vehicle Activated Signage and Zeta’s amenity Lighting Ring, to the SmartScape Nano, this product is one of the most versatile in our portfolio.


Of course, our products aren’t just suited to summer climates, they are specially designed to operate in the depths of British winter using Zeta’s patented Energy Management System, making our solutions the ideal choice all year round.

Look out for more of Zeta’s LED and Solar solutions, being launched to market later in the summer!


Alison Preston