Zeta adds highways LED street light ‘SmartScape Macro’ to range

Zeta adds highways LED street light ‘SmartScape Macro’ to range


Zeta Specialist Lighting, the Bicester-based developer and manufacturer of LED and solar-powered lighting solutions has further expanded its SmartScape range of street and area lighting solutions with the launch of the new SmartScape Macro.

Designed specifically for distributor and traffic routes within both urban and rural areas including roads, highways, industrial areas and more; this new versatile LED street light consumes in excess of 70 per cent less energy compared with conventional SOX, SON and CFL luminaires and meets street lighting classes up to M3. 

Developed and manufactured in-house, the SmartScape Macro is constructed from marine-grade LM6 high-pressure die-cast aluminium and incorporates intelligent cooling technology for optimum heat dissipation. Featuring high lumen output, high efficacy, Chip-On-Board Ceramic Substrate LEDs, it is available in wattage options from 50W to 147W.

SmartScape Macro provides even illumination, has a power factor of >0.95 and delivers enhanced visibility for pedestrians and traffic through improved colour rendering (CRI) options, as well as reduced light pollution.

SmartScape Macro boasts a long lifetime, with a lumen maintenance value of L90 B10 @ >100,000 hours which can be further increased with the use of smart controls. SmartScape Macro is also compatible with all standard Central Management Systems (CMS) which enable operators to remotely manage and monitor street light fixtures, establish dimming and on/off schedules, as well as providing other benefits such as fault detection and future-proofing for Smart Cities technologies using the 5-7 pin Nema socket.

Zeta’s innovative solution utilises PMMA lens technology which has a high optical efficiency, is not vulnerable to temperature and UV damage, and offers micro-crack resistance in harsh environmental conditions. The product has a range of lens options, providing various optical distributions to suit any application.

This low maintenance, compact, lightweight street light is quick and easy to install. It weighs from just 6.5kg, meaning there’s no requirement for special tools or heavy lifting equipment. Available in a wide range of tilts in 5° increments, for both post top and side entry mounting, SmartScape Macro will fit a standard 76mm pole, with other options available upon request, and can accommodate mounting heights of up to 12 metres.

SmartScape Macro is the latest addition to the SmartScape range which includes SmartScape Heritage, an LED conversion solution for heritage lanterns, SmartScape Nano, an innovative LED residential street light, and SmartScape Solar Bollard, a wayfinding and amenity lighting solution.

The new SmartScape Macro will make its debut at Lightscene 2017, an event organised and promoted nationally by the UK’s leading lighting body, the ILP, which takes place October 5 at Northampton Saints Rugby Ground.



Emily Santos