Zeta to Exhibit at SignLink Live 2017

Zeta to Exhibit at SignLink Live 2017

Zeta to Exhibit at SignLink Live 2017

Zeta Specialist Lighting, the Bicester-based developer and manufacturer of LED and solar-powered lighting systems has signed up for the first edition of SignLink Live on 11th – 13th October 2017.

Zeta Solar Poster case Kit & Solar Shelter Lighting Kit at Waterloo Bridge with Clear Channel UK mainOn Stand L28, Zeta will showcase a range of its award-winning UK-manufactured LED and solar lighting solutions that deliver optimum illumination across a variety of signage applications, including wayfinding, advertising poster cases and billboards, totems and monoliths.

“Our environmentally-friendly LED and solar-powered signage products are more in demand than ever,” said Zeta Managing Director, Adrian Dennis. “SignLink Live provides us with a great opportunity to engage with sign-makers face to face, and demonstrate how they can leverage the benefits of our innovative solutions for a wide range of signage applications.”

Green Horizons, a special area of SignLink Live dedicated to signage solutions with low environmental impact, will also be run by Zeta.

The special Green Horizons area will be dedicated to cost-effective, low-carbon solutions. On Stand K01,
Zeta Bespoke Solar Signage Kit at the Pier Head, Liverpool 2 Sided Monolithvisitors can find out about both the importance, and benefits of using environmentally-friendly solutions and products such as ultra-low power consumption LEDs or solar-powered systems that remove the requirement to lay cabling for mains-powered signage illumination.

“LEDs offer sign-makers an eco-friendly solution to illuminate signage and has become the lighting of choice across many signage applications,” Dennis said. “When used on-grid, Zeta’s LED signage solutions such as the new Light Guide Panel, consume up to 70% less power than traditional lighting systems, which positively impacts on both the bottom and the green line.”

He added: “However, when used in conjunction with Zeta’s intelligent solar technology, the real economies kick in.”

Solar LED lighting solutions deliver high quality lighting performance and enable signs to be illuminated in areas where trenching to link in to a mains connection is both cost- and time-prohibitive. “The eco-savings of an off-grid solution are significant, as are the monetary savings – with solar-powered lighting, there’s no energy consumption and no ongoing running costs,” Dennis said. “This in particular, really opens up the opportunity for sign-makers to deliver a truly sustainable and creative solution to clients and we will be demonstrating the tangible benefits of combining the two technologies at Green Horizons.”

“One of the fastest growth sectors of the UK sign industry is for products that are environmentally-friendly,” Event Director Chris Davies said: Whether it is signs made from recycled materials, using ultra-low power consumption LEDs or incorporating solar-powered energy sources into a billboard or totem sign, there is increasing demand from sign buyers large and small for solutions that are low impact on the environment and on the pocket; promoting the benefits and showcasing the solutions available to visitors is what Green Horizons is all about.”

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