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Zeta is proud to be partnering with Carbonlights Solutions to offer an innovative range of LED lighting specifically for high care environments such as food and drink manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

Carbonlights Solutions are a UK-based designer and manufacturer of Industrial LED lighting solutions. The innovative modular design of the CM range maximises LED performance and enables a flexible solution to meet customer needs.

With a focus on solutions for clean environments – food & drink manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and precision engineering, the Carbon Lights range has been used by many of the major names in food production and engineering in the UK.

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BRC Food CertificatedCompliance

We understand the strict health and safety aspects of environments such as food & drink and pharmaceutical manufacturing, and have ensured through careful component choice that our fittings exceed the requirements of the BRC (British Retail Consortium) standards.

• No glass components
• Option to be coated to resist cleaning chemicals (using a coating suitable for food contact applications).
• No fins or flat surfaces to collect dust or other contaminants
• Easy to clean profile

Extreme Temperature Environments

High or low temperatures can be accommodated by altering the thermal management within the fitting.

High Hygiene Environments

Coating options available to resist harsh cleaning chemicals (using coating suitable for food contact applications)

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