SmartScape Range


Introducing SmartScape™, the brand new range of high quality, low power, innovative LED and Solar street and area lighting solutions from Zeta Specialist Lighting. Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, at Zeta’s Bicester headquarters, the new product range offers unique solutions that present substantial energy and cost savings.

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The new Solar Bollard wayfinding and amenity lighting solution is the first solar-powered system in the SmartScape range which also includes the SmartScape Heritage, an LED conversion solution for heritage lamps and the SmartScape Nano, an innovative LED street lighting solution featuring intelligent cooling technology that ensures optimum heat dissipation, and which consumes up to 60% less power than conventional technologies

Available in aluminium and sustainably sourced hardwood finishes, the new Solar Bollard has been specifically designed to capture and store solar power via its integrated PV panels and requires no on-grid connection, making it ideal for use in walkways, cycle paths, parks or residential areas where there is no mains-fed power supply.

SmartScape Solar Bollard aluminium top lit cropped

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Further news on the SmartScape Range


SmartScape Nano is a versatile LED solution suitable for a variety of applications in street and area illumination including; roads, residential, industrial and many more.

SmartScape Nano lens front cap and heatsink
SmartScape Nano at Galliford Try main
SmartScape Nano side view
SmartScape Nano at Galliford Try car park

SmartScape Heritage is a unique, bespoke solution for retrofitting intelligent LED lighting into existing, traditional Heritage Lanterns.

SmartScape Heritage bronze in house portrait
SmartScape Heritage in Macclesfield square
SmartScape Heritage silicone lens and LED
SmartScape Heritage in Macclesfield main landscape

SmartScape Solar Bollard is a modern solar powered solution for exterior wayfinding illumination.

SmartScape Solar Bollard aluminium side view lit
SmartScape Solar Bollard aluminium top lit cropped
SmartScape Solar Bollard hardwood top unlit cropped
SmartScape Solar Bollard hardwood side view lit