Roberts Newby Estate Agents – Buckingham

Roberts Newby Estate Agents – Buckingham
Roberts Newby – shop front LED lighting. Established since 1991, Roberts Newby is the leading estate agents in Buckingham and has recently received the Gold Award for Best Estate Agent Thames Valley.
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With a limited window space, Roberts Newby estate agents needed to be sure that their store front stood out from their competition. With many impressive houses to promote, their window display needed to compliment and attract attention to them.

Zeta were asked whether they could help enhance the look of the promotional material within Roberts Newby’s shop window. In response Zeta offered their shop window advertising LED light guide panels. The Light Guide Panels would be placed behind promotional material to provide it with a superior, even illumination, ideal for an estate agents’ window.

Zeta’s shop advertising LED light guide panels are highly beneficial compared to traditional estate agent window lighting. Produced with LEDs they will not generate as much heat and with a life time of 50,000 hours there is little or no maintenance required. Running on a lower voltage than traditional lights, the light guide panels will save on costs and use of electricity for a cleaner more green lighting solution.

In November Zeta provided and fitted their shop advertising light guide panels within the window of Roberts Newby estate agents in Buckingham. The shop window is now more noticeable, especially at dusk. Staff and customers at Roberts Newby are very pleased with the look and effect of the window as well as the benefit of cheaper energy bills.

Alison Preston