Transport for London – Finsbury Park

Transport for London – Finsbury Park
Zeta design bespoke lighting solution for Transport for London. Freestanding Totems are used as primary signage identifier for large public transport termini, providing clear, helpful information relating to transport services and local amenities.
  • Zeta Bespoke Solar Signage Kit TfL Monolith

Zeta were asked if they could provide a mains powered lighting system that would be maintenance free with a good level of illumination. The light output would need to compete with traditional fluorescent lighting and easily integrate with the current Totem design.

In response, by scaling their standard LED ‘Flat Light’ technology, Zeta designed a bespoke solution to meet this custom application.

The high level of brightness was achieved by using the very latest ultra bright LEDs from Cree which offer market leading lumens per watt and 50,000 hours lifetime. Using Zeta’s light diffusing material the luminaire provides an even illumination over the entire display avoiding the banding associated with standard fluorescent lighting.

The end result is a lighting system that provides cost effective, energy efficient lighting for the Totem’s lifetime with no servicing or replacement bulbs required.

Totem at Finsbury Park Interchange.

Client: Transport for London, Trueform Engineering Limited.

Alison Preston