Zeta Light Guide Panel

  • Zeta LGP illuminate Redrow hoardings in Luton
Designed, machined and assembled in the UK, Zeta Light Guide Panels provide a flexible and efficient back lighting solution for a variety of applications; including signage, shop fitting, architectural, commercial and advertising.
Each Light Guide Panel is made from the highest quality acrylic and is etched with a unique, optimum performance grid pattern. This pattern ensures optimum light spread and shadow free illumination. With an ultra slim profile starting from just 6mm, Zeta LGP is space saving, easy to install, available in bespoke sizes and comes with single or double sided options. Ultra-efficient LED’s are available in a range of colour temperatures along with RGB options; providing scope for a variety of different effects and mood lighting, ideal for commercial and retail applications.
  • Made in the UK
  • Bright, even illumination
  • Single or double sided options
  • Unique grid etching pattern
  • Highest quality acrylic
  • Slim profile - from 6mm
  • Highly efficient LED’s
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Can be Solar powered using the Zeta Solar Kit
  • Range of colour temps available
  • RGB options
  • Energy and cost saving
  • Carbon saving
  • Signage: Wayfinding, totems, monoliths
  • Retail/Shop fitting: Backlit graphics, feature walls, shelving, counters
  • Advertising: Lightboxes, wall panels, exhibitions
  • Commercial: Desks, bars
  • Architectural: Creative installs, displays
Case Studies
Westgate retail and leisure complex, Oxford
University of Wolverhampton