Zeta Solar Shelter Lighting Kit

  • Zeta Solar Shelter Lighting Kit PV on green shelter
  • Zeta Solar Shelter Lighting Kit in green shelter
  • Zeta LED 96 Array close up in a shelter small
  • Zeta LED 96 Array in black housing
Zetas Solar Shelter Lighting Kits give local authorities, councils and street furniture manufacturers the ability to install illuminated shelters wherever they are needed, including remote areas where mains electricity is not an option.
Zeta is the UK market leader in solar powered LED shelter lighting with over 4,000 installations nationwide. Specially manufactured vandal resistant solar PV panel is attached to the roof of the shelter. The energy is stored by the AGM batteries – which are known for their long life. At dusk, the innovative Energy Management System (EMS) releases the stored energy and uses it to power high intensity LEDs. The system maintains a constant low level of illumination until a passenger enters the shelter and activates the built in PIR detector. The light levels then gently increase and remain fully activated until the passenger has vacated the immediate area. Ongoing costs are eradicated and the overall environmental impact of a solar powered scheme is much lower than an on grid solution.
  • Innovative EMS
  • Vandal resistant solar panels
  • High intensity LEDs
  • Eliminates light pollution
  • High reliability
  • Enhanced public safety
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Instant installation with minimal disruption
  • Controllability with movement sensitive PIR interface
  • Energy and cost saving
  • Carbon saving
  • Shelters
  • Off grid
  • Urban areas
  • Rural areas
  • Exterior
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