Awards success for lighting company

Awards success for lighting company

Zeta Solar presented with an award from the British Astronomical Association’s Campaign for Dark Skies.

A Bicester lighting company Zeta Solar is to be presented with an award from the British Astronomical Association’s Campaign for Dark Skies.

Robert Horsfield, the Estates Manager at the Oxford Science Park, Phil Shadbolt and Bob Mizon, Coordinator of the Campaign for Dark Skies.

Phil Shadbolt (Commercial Director of Zeta) was presented with the award on 15th November 2007 at the Oxford Science Park by Bob Mizon, Coordinator of The Campaign for Dark Skies for two of  Zeta Solar’s solar powered sunFLOWER amenity lights.

“We are proud to receive the Campaign for Dark Skies’ Good Lighting Awards”

The award commends lighting which keeps light pollution to a minimum and only shine where and when it is needed.

“We feel this campaign highlights the need for efficient and effective lighting which avoids wasted energy, a negative effect on the night sky and contributes to climate change.

“Zeta Solar is passionate about the use of solar lighting as an energy source, and pleased to be recognised as a sustainable and responsible designed and manufacturer of good lighting” ~ Zeta Solar spokesperson.

The light in the sunFLOWER is focused down to minimise the amount of light escaping upwards, and can also be rotated to shine light in the most effective direction.

The units, which are solar powered, contain an infrared system to allow them to dim but rebrighten when a pedestrian comes within five metres.

The Campaign for Dark Skies aims to reduce light pollution, which destroys people’s view of the stars, and campaigns against inefficient and excessive lighting.

Kerry Hathway – Bicester Review

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