Zeta Specialist Lighting launches EZ-CHARGE

Zeta Specialist Lighting launches EZ-CHARGE

Zeta Specialist Lighting launches EZ-CHARGE, a new provider of high-quality electric vehicle’s charger points.

EZ-CHARGE’s dual 22kW AC charger is designed specifically to be located in local authority car parks in areas with lack of off-street parking.  This, together with free overnight parking will encourage the use of electric cars and break many barriers for doubtful EV adopters.

Furthermore, its services  include a mobile app, where users can pay for a charge, subscribe for member benefits, see availability of charge points and review charge activity. Features coming soon  include the possibility to reserve a charge session and to receive recommended charging slots based on customers’ usage.

Additionally, EZ-CHARGE’s technology includes a patent-pending load balancing feature, as well as a smart self-monitoring system to ensure reliability.

Overall, the priority is to provide an easy to use, affordable and reliable solution for customers.

Our vision is to offer an easy to use, reliable charging experience in all car parks across the UK. Our solution will maximize the use of green energy to reduce harmful emissions.
Phil Shadbolt
Emily Santos

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